Mouser Common Used Parts Numbers
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Author:  FIREMANJIM [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Mouser Common Used Parts Numbers

It seems like the questions about servo part numbers and battery holder part numbers and a ton of other parts are always being asked. Here is a list of the Mouser Part #'s that we commonly use day in and day out in builds. Hope this helps some of you guys out. On the Battery holders s/s = side by side and stack = stacked on top each other

Servo Male Pins 538-16-02-0108 Male Servo Pins
Servo Female Pins 538-16-02-0096 Female Servo Pins
2 POS Male 538-70107-0001 2 Position Servo
2 POS Female 538-50-57-9402 2 Position Servo
3 POS Male 538-70107-0002 3 Position Servo
3 POS Female 538-50-57-9403 3 Position Servo
4 POS Male 538-70107-0003 4 Position Servo
4 POS Female 538-50-57-9404 4 Position Servo
5 POS Male 538-70107-0004 5 Position Servo
5 POS Female 538-50-57-9405 5 Position Servo
6 POS Male 538-70107-0005 6 Position Servo
6 POS Female 538-50-57-9406 6 Position Servo
7 POS Male 538-70107-0006 7 Position Servo
7 POS Female 538-50-57-9407 7 Position Servo
8 POS Male 538-70107-0007 8 Position Servo
8 POS Female 538-50-57-9408 8 Position Servo
9 POS Male 538-70107-0008 9 Position Servo
9 POS Female 538-50-57-9409 9 Position Servo
10 POS Male 538-70107-0009 10 Position Servo
10 POS Female 538-50-57-9410 10 Position Servo
1/16” Tubing 562-Q2F3X116-6N28 Single Solder Bundle
1/8" Tubing 562-Q2F3X18-6N24 2 Wire Bundle
3/16” Tubing 562-Q2F3X316-6N24 3-4-5 Wire Bundle
1/4 “ Tubing 562-Q2F3X14-6N20 6-10 Wire Bunde
SPST Switch 108-0001-EVX Ext Power Switch
Switch Boot 611-759D02000 Weather Proof Boot
Ext Power Plug 502-761KS12 Adding Ext Battery
Ext Power Recpt 502-L712AS Adding Ext Battery
Ext Power Cover 502-JCAP Adding Ext Battery
Project Box 546-1551LBK Kit98 & 2 Sister Brds
.47 Resistor 660-M0X1CT52RR47J Slave Power In-Line
470K Resistor 660-CF1/2CT52R474J Slave Board Resistor
3AAA S/S 12BH431D-GR 4.5v
2AA S/S 12BH321D-GR 3.0v
2AA STACK 12BH325A-GR 3.0v
3AA S/S 12BH331D-GR 4.5v
4AA STACK 12BH344D-GR 6.0v
4AA S/S 12BH351-GR 6.0v
8AA S/S 12BH381A-GR 12.0v
9V SWITCH 12BH612-GR 9.0v
1C SINGLE 12BH211D-GR 1.5v
2C S/S 12BH221D-GR 3.0v
3C S/S 12BH231D-GR 4.5v
4C STACK 12BH242D-GR 6.0v
4C S/S 12BH243GR 6.0v
1D SINGLE 12BH111D-GR 1.5v
2D S/S 12BH121-GR 3.0v
2D STACK 12BH125-GR 3.0v
3D S/S 12BH131D-GR 3.0v
4D S/S 12BH143D-GR 6.0v
4D STACK 12BH141D-GR 6.0v

Author:  wolvenkinde [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mouser Common Used Parts Numbers

Thanks Jim...don't know why I couldn't remember mouser :Noonehome

Author:  Buckhunter1 [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mouser Common Used Parts Numbers

gonna save me a lot of searching, Thank you!

Author:  modeclan [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mouser Common Used Parts Numbers

Nice post Jim!

Author:  ArcheryHunter24 [ Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mouser Common Used Parts Numbers


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