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Author:  12-ringer [ Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  SONY P32

These are the settings that I use with my P32 cameras - I make no claims of authenticity as I picked them up from various places over the years.... if anyone has different experiences with different settings, please feel free to share....

If you choose to run the P32 in auto/multi mode for a "crisper" image you may run into an issue where every other picture is blurry - a lot of times switching to infinity will help....

Sony P32

EV: OEV (FOR IR Choose +1.0EV)
Focus: Infinity, (For IR Choose MULTI or AUTO)
White Balance: Auto
ISO: Auto (For IR choose 400)
P. Quality: Standard
REC mode: Normal
Flash Level: High
P. Effect: Off

• Setup Camera
Moving Image MPEG movie
Date/Time: Day & Time
Red Eye reduction: OFF
AF Illuminator: OFF

• Memory Stick Tool
Format: OK
File Series: Series
Create REC Folder: OK
Change REC Folder: 101

Setup 1
Power Save: Off
LCD Brightness: Normal
LCD Backlight: Normal
Beep: OFF
Language: English
Clock Set: Enter your date & time

Be sure the flash is ON (look for the lightning bolt+ on the LCD screen)
Be sure that you turn your LCD screen off – to save power
If you do NOT want the cam to flash during the day be sure to set the flash to “auto flash” – you can do so after you have made all of your setting selections by pressing the “up” arrow on the dial pad. If your cam is in auto-flash mode you should NOT see the lightning bolt on the LCD.

Hope this helps...

Author:  johnnydeerhunter [ Mon Jul 21, 2014 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SONY P32

These are the settings I use to. Only difference is I like the use a fixed ISO of 400 and whether ir or whiteflash I like infinity focus. The Iso at 400 will give brighter night pictures and can help eliminate daytime motion blur. Only draw back is very close critters at night might be washed out from too much flash.

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